Important Information for the Viewer of Website

Comprehensive Mobile Insurance Company Inc. (“CMIC”) is an Arizona Disability Company, NAIC 15238 and is regulated by both the Arizona Department of Insurance and the New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance.

CMIC does not provide the actual dental or vision care that the policy holder will receive. All clinical decisions and care relating to dental or vision care are done by independent licensed professional providers and not CMIC.

The Share of Cost adjustment, as a method of payment of premiums, is not part of the policies themselves but the present law as interpreted by states.

CMIC will not discriminate against any individual with regard to age, mental condition, physical condition, any other reason or whether the source of premium payment is from their Share of Cost funds or any other funds.

The Outline of Coverage and policies for the dental, CMIC.NM.DEN.3.1.18, and vision, CMIC.NM.VIS.3.1.18, insurance policies should be reviewed by a prospective policy holder to become fully informed prior to deciding whether or not to become a policy holder. The policies contain all the terms and conditions of the coverage.

New Mexico licensed insurance agents are available to answer any questions at the following toll-free telephone number: 888-765-7475.

It is the goal of CMIC that every prospective policy holder be fully informed before deciding whether or not to become a policy holder so please call if you have any questions.

This website is devoted exclusively to the dental and vision policies authorized to be issued by the New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance.