2 Hour Dentures

Introducing the “2 Hour Denture” Created Right in Your Facility!
Imagine our dental team, right in your facility, being able to consult, design and deliver fully functional dentures to your residents in about 2 hours.
Impossible?…not anymore. No more numerous dental visits while the resident waits for his or her dentures.

We are constantly investing in ways to increase care for your residents and support the staff that work so hard at your facility. As you know, one of your residents’ common needs is dentures. We have historically provided dentures just like in a dental office and it would take 3 to 5 patient visits at your facility. Now, for most of your residents this can be accomplished in just a single two-hour visit.
The “2 Hour Denture” system, which we have implemented, involves high-tech equipment and the result is a denture that looks good, fits with comfort and functions at the highest level. In other words, a quality denture equal to a denture made with multiple visits.

Here are some common questions and answers:

  • 1. Question: Does the Comprehensive Mobile policy cover 100% of the cost of the “2 Hour Denture” and annual replacements, if necessary?
    Answer: Yes

  • 2. Question: Are there any costs to the facility?
    Answer: No

  • 3. Question: Does the “2 Hour Denture” look and function as well as a traditional denture?
    Answer: Yes

  • 4. Question: Is there any more work for the staff with the “2 Hour Denture”?
    Answer: There is far less work for the staff than with the traditionally made dentures because there is only one visit rather than 3 to 5 visits.

  • 5. Question: Will every resident that needs a denture be able to get a “2 Hour Denture”?
    Answer: Every resident will be evaluated to see if the “2 Hour Denture” will work with them and the majority will qualify. A small percentage of the residents will not qualify just like a small percentage of residents will not qualify for traditional dentures.

  • 6. Question: Are the Comprehensive Mobile dentists well-trained in the “2 Hour Denture”?
    Answer: Yes.

  • 7. Question: How do we sign up to get started?
    Answer: If one of the Comprehensive Mobile dentists is already coming to your facility, nothing needs to be done. If you do not have the Comprehensive Mobile dental program, you can find out more about your residents getting the “2 Hour Dentures” by calling 888-765-7475.

For more information, please visit www.CompMobileCare.com.
Or please contact Alex Preston by calling 602.527.2877 or emailing info@www.compmobileinscompany.com.