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The desperate need for dental and vision care among seniors is what motivates and drives us each day.

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When people consider health conditions that may lead to disability and death, they usually think of cancer or heart disease. Rarely do they consider how essential good dental health is for quality of life in the later years. An example: if gum disease is not diagnosed and treated in time, it can lead to receding gums, bone damage, loss of teeth, and can increase the risk of other health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. According to a 2013 New York Times article, researchers have linked oral bacteria to the occurrence of hospital-acquired pneumonia. Roughly one in 10 deaths from pneumonia in nursing facilities could be prevented by improving oral hygiene.

Estimates of long-term care residents with unmet dental needs range from 80-96%. 78% of residents have tooth decay and 40% have periodontal disease, which can cause and/or accelerate damage to the oral cavity, heart, brain and lungs. Oral soft tissue lesions affect up to 38% of the elderly, causing pain and discomfort.

We offer a dental policy with coverage of up to $7,500 per policy year.

What We Cover
  Full exams
  Reline new and existing dentures
  Repair new and existing dentures
  Replacement of lost dentures every 12 months with no additional cost
  No co-pays
  No deductibles
  No waiting periods
  No exclusions for pre-existing conditions


There is a correlation between vision loss and falls. Falls are a major cause of injury among the older population. There are roughly 2.5 million individuals, 65 years and older, treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries yearly. Having severe visual impairment in just one eye and mild or moderate visual impairment in the other eye doubles the risk of falls. Glaucoma itself increases the risk of falls four-fold. Testing, various treatments and glasses that provide corrected vision may protect the resident from a serious and painful fall.
We offer a vision policy with coverage of up to $3,000 per policy year.

What We Cover
  Vision testing
  Glaucoma testing
  Retinal photos
  Corneal pachymetry
  New eyeglasses
  Owner’s name engraved on frames
  Repair of eyeglasses
  Replacement of lost or missing eyeglasses every 12 months with no additional cost
  No co-pays
  No deductibles
  No waiting periods
  No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Dentists and optometrists can go into the long-term care facilities or the resident can go to the local dentist or optometrist of their choice.

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Important Information for the Viewer of Website

Comprehensive Mobile Insurance Company, Inc. is Certified as a Disability Company by the State of Arizona Department of Insurance, Certified as an Accident and Health Company by the State of New Mexico Office of the Superintendent of Insurance, and Certified as a Health Company by the Texas Department of Insurance, NAIC No. 15238

CMIC does not provide the actual dental or vision care that the policy holder will receive. All clinical decisions and care relating to dental or vision care are done by independent licensed professional providers and not CMIC.

The Share of Cost adjustment, as a method of payment of premiums, is not part of the policies themselves but the present law as interpreted by states.

CMIC will not discriminate against any individual with regard to age, mental condition, physical condition, any other reason or whether the source of premium payment is from their Share of Cost funds or any other funds.

The Dental and Vision Policies and Outline of Coverage should be reviewed by a prospective policyholder to become fully informed prior to deciding whether to become a policyholder. The policies contain all the terms and conditions of the coverage.

State-specific licensed insurance agents are available to answer any questions at 888-765-7475.

This website is devoted exclusively to the dental and vision policies authorized to be issued by the New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance and the Texas Department of Insurance.