Response to Covid-19

Health Care Providers & Patient Family Members,

The suddenness of the spread of the coronavirus has resulted in the immediate need for extreme action to protect your Residents, Participants and Family’s Loved Ones. One important measure is to restrict the access of non-essential personnel to these vulnerable individuals. Another important measure is to utilize the CDC and WHO recommendations for the essential personnel.
Our patient’s safety and wellbeing are priority number one that is why as essential personnel, we wanted you to know what you can expect from our associated dentists, podiatrists, optometrists and audiologists and their assistants regarding CDC and WHO recommendations. We want to communicate with you on the efforts we are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We understand that the community we work with is the most at risk for this contagion and we take that matter very seriously.

Our team has adopted the CDC and WHO recommendations. Their recommendations, along with our existing sanitation, sterilization, and infection control protocols, ensure that our clinical personnel are providing the necessary safeguards to provide quality care while making certain that we cause no harm. Below are our steps to help stop its spread.

  1. All clinical personnel, doctors and support staff, have been educated about COVID-19.
  2. Our clinicians are and will continue to monitor their health and have been instructed to stay home if they show any symptoms or have had contact with a potential carrier.
  3. Anyone who has fallen ill will require medical clearance to safely return to their duties.
  4. Our clinical staff is open and welcome to comply with any required screening when entering a facility.
  5. Our teams are equipped with and will properly use Personal Protective Equipment.
  6. The clinicians have been instructed on the importance and proper techniques of repetitive handwashing and sanitizing.
  7. The clinicians have been instructed on using proper respiratory hygiene.
  8. The clinicians will limit their contact with patients and facility staff members.
  9. The clinicians will continue to follow our stringent cleaning and sterilizing procedures.

It is important that patients continue to get the care they need during this time and that is why we are doing everything we can to keep them safe.

If you would like more information regarding our sanitation and sterilization procedures, please contact:
Tracy Haskins
Project and Compliance Manager

Questions/concerns, please contact our dedicated crisis manager:
Danise Sporie
Director of Operations

Your friends in service,
The Comprehensive Mobile Care Team