If your loved one is a Medicaid resident at a nursing home they could receive dental and/or vision coverage for the same monthly amount they are presently paying to the nursing home.

Qualified Medicaid residents simply apply for coverage with us. Subject to standard Medicaid review, the exact monthly amount presently being paid by the resident to the nursing home is redirected.

To simplify this explanation please see the below example of a resident who is presently paying $1,000 monthly to the nursing home.


No Dental Coverage
No Vision Coverage

Resident pays $1,000 a month to nursing home

Total $1,000



Resident pays $776 to nursing home and $224 for dental coverage

Total $1,000


If you are interested in our services and would like to find out if your loved one is a qualified Medicaid resident please connect with us for more information so you can decide whether or not you wish to acquire an insurance policy.

Any individual without regard to age or any other discriminating factor is entitled to acquire our policies by using any source of funds they deem appropriate.

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Note 1: The nursing home still gets its $1,000 as Medicaid makes an adjustment for this situation.

Note 2:
Private pay Fee for Service options available.